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I’m back at school and enjoying my classes. Since I have a longer period of waiting time on MW that is when I will be posting again. Yay Barack Obama is in office! Yay! Anyway, til tomorrow! 🙂


I want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 09 will be better than 08! If you plan on getting wasted a little later tonight please read this information:
5 Drinking Myths that can Kill You!
Happy right? Even if you know them down pat just glance over to refresh your memory! 🙂

Balt and Adia

So I can’t do any large resolution images because of the fact that the glow “prints” itself several times and I was wondering if any of my readers would be kind and vote for this issue on JIRA!


Hope you and yours have a warm holiday season!

Balt and Adia

I will be back after the holidays!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, school has ended, so it can’t keep me posting regularly! With that said I have new photos!

I found a really cool build for the store 109 prims, which has some awesome steampunk vehicles and even a few merry-go-rounds!

Drill Factory

Okay, so HBlue and HAzul need more people! We had an exodus of people during the last few months and we need people to fill those gaps. Now if you have a home or a shop already, please still read this post as I may need your help as well. Note, I’m not part of the owners of the sims, but a highly concerned friend, resident, and vendor.

Here are my ideas on getting more attention for the sim.

1. I feel like we need to get more higher profile shops in the sim. We have a handful of small, locally based ones that get little traffic. Now here in lies the Catch-22, in order for us to get the traffic we are looking for, big/medium sized shops have to come in, but chances they are only going to come if they get a large traffic number. So this probably means that this isn’t a good solution, but still should be on the table if nothing else works.

2. Adversting. I don’t know how many classified ads we have put forth on SL(tm) Search, but I think it is time that we move to something that will get more clicks. I really think we need to put ads in the major magazines, newspapers, and possibly blogs so we can get out the message that we are looking for residents to the wider SL(tm) audience.

3. Possibly lower the prim rate so that way the price can go down. I know that there are other places that charge a lot more for a small amount of prims, but how many people need a few hundred prims? I believe there are more people at the lower priced end of the market than there are at the higher end. Or even better, how about charging a base fee for the size of the island, then add the fee for the number of prims one is using, so that way people who have big islands won’t be paying less then someone who is paying for a small island.

Anyway these are just some thoughts that I have, but you have any ideas that the sims could use?

Today is International AIDS Day and I thought I would ask my readers to wear something red today in either world as to honor the millions around the world that have died with the disease and are currently living with the disease. If you don’t know your HIV/AIDS status, seriously think about getting tested today, no doubt today it will be free.

Here are some links to check out today:
World AIDS Campaign
Wikipedia Entry
US government page on AIDS
National HIV and STD Testing Resources

To all my American readers, yes I know I have some, Happy Turkey Day! To the rest of the world Happy THURSDAY! 😛

Stay safe all of you! Don’t drink and drive!


My friend Cat, blog below, found this store that sells the most random stuff ever. Stuff that has close to no point in SL. Tongues, food, ice cream, group poses, bees, and a ton of other really fun stuff. So the owner gives free stuff to bloggers that contact her and I decided that it would be good to post some pictures!

My little cushion fort, fun for hiding from enemies and friends.

A metal detector, for finding stray Lindens. It beeps too.

Dancing with maracas are fun, but apparently cat didn’t feel the same way.

Me and Angie jazz handing our way through life!

Click here for the SLurl!

  • New lamps at Lofty Lighting! Yay! I designed a new one and that one is up at the store. I really enjoyed designing that one and it looks really good. If you want to check out the new lights go to the store because OnRez is not working right and isn’t showing the new stuff. I have submitted a ticket with the support people to see if they could clear this up!
  • DJ’ing Saturday, which is the new time for me. 8-10 pm at the Major Lift.”
  • I have a batch of photos, Photoshopped and non-photoshopped, on the desktop that will be uploaded sometime this week, may be later tonight or tomorrow night.
  • Top 10 coming soon. I know I’m not a good blogger, but Top 10’s require photos that I can’t upload from the school’s machine. So chances are it won’t be a Tuesday or Thursday post. :/ I think it is going to be about what gifts to get people for the Holidays. Original I know.
  • Need to find a way to get my blog more exposer. I want to see if I can get my way on to more blogs such as Botgirl’s Second Life Diary and Vint’s blog. Hmmm. Perhaps I need to put up their blogs first before they will add me. Hmm