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So I have been in and out of SL all year long, which is an interesting experience, when I got used to the idea of being logged in most of the day. School has been keeping me busy and it is hard to find a large period of time that I can relax, take pictures (and edit them), shop and hang out with friends. But in a way, I want school to take up my time, but not just homework, but time spent with friends in the real world. When I started playing SL I had only a few friends to rely on. As I changed schools, I began to have a whole bunch of people that I could hang out with and that would be my socializing. What is even more signicate, when I first joined, I was completely shattered. I didn’t know who I was because a part of me disappeared, which lead to my collapse. Something happened one day last semester. I found out that i am going to be on student senate next year, something just clicked then. Suddenly I realized that I feel like more myself, then I have ever had. Suddenly the bad memories were pushed into the far back of my memory bank. Sure I still remember them, but I know they cannot hurt me and that I am someone who is incredibly fabulous. Also over the course of the semester, I had a crush and it was a big deal because I actually told him that I liked him! Back to the day that i find out out I’m on Senate. During the day, I suddenly realize that perhaps I’m almost done with SL. The purpose of finding who i was and becoming able to deal with interacting with people was achieved and the only thing that I see SL as something that keeps me behind the computer, when i should be out with people in my RL. I know that people have found love in SL, but the idea of not being able to be with them for long periods of time isn’t realistic, and I want my love to be physically present. My RL is becoming more important, there are people outside of the SL and I want to meet them and have fun with them. This isn’t to say that I haven’t found amazing friends in SL and don’t want to keep in contact with them, just avatars are getting boring and hiding behind breeding digital bunnies isn’t going to improve my social life. SL holds a special place in my heart because this month Adia turned 3. I have been in SL for three years and I feel it is time to leave at a certain point. I gave myself Adia’s 4 rez date, May 3rd, 2011 to log out for a period of time. At that time I will be finishing up with my undergraduate work and hopefully will be heading to grad school in the fall. Second Life has been a large component to my undergraduate career and perhaps it is time to say farewell.



I want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 09 will be better than 08! If you plan on getting wasted a little later tonight please read this information:
5 Drinking Myths that can Kill You!
Happy right? Even if you know them down pat just glance over to refresh your memory! 🙂

Balt and Adia

Hope you and yours have a warm holiday season!

Balt and Adia

I will be back after the holidays!

Today is International AIDS Day and I thought I would ask my readers to wear something red today in either world as to honor the millions around the world that have died with the disease and are currently living with the disease. If you don’t know your HIV/AIDS status, seriously think about getting tested today, no doubt today it will be free.

Here are some links to check out today:
World AIDS Campaign
Wikipedia Entry
US government page on AIDS
National HIV and STD Testing Resources

  • Not djing this week at the Lift. My week off.
  • Going to stop building my club. I lost interest in it. It was a chance for me to flex my building muscles, I wish building would work my rl muscles in order to impress a certain someone ;). If you want to see it before I take it down, please IM the next time I’m on.
  • Note to my friends that read my blog. I won’t be on much the rest of the month as I need to finish my application, which includes two essays and I have two more really long essays that need to be written for class.
  • New lamps in the works! Wee!
    That is all.

  • I have decided to dj on Sunday for those who can’t make Friday’s Halloween Party. Music will be the same, just in different order. Costumes preferred. Major Lift
  • Still no update on Mercury. Need to get minutes from meeting. Will try to get back there and do some work.
  • For the Americans in the audience, yes I have at least one reader, please go and vote! Yes I know it has nothing to do with SL(tm), but still.
  • Saw one of my old good SL(tm) friends last night. Was really happy.
  • Got to get sunglasses for Adia for a quick photo. Perhaps find the right pose aswell. Awesome stuff at Cachet, all females need to check it out ad you will find some must haves. lol

So I don’t really have one topic to talk about in depth today, so I will be just posting about somethings that are going on.


  • I’m a regular dj at Major Lift, at HAzul, now. I play every other Sunday, so this coming Sunday will be Halloween part 2, 4-6 pm slt.
  • I want to do a Christmas/ Winter/Summer Holidays shopping post in the coming weeks. That should be fun as I get to go shopping. lol Look for that shortly after Thanksgiving, roughly Nov 27. I will do about five categories, like Best Gift under 500L$ and so on.
  • Mercury is coming along slowly. I feel as if I lost interest in building it and running it. I enjoy the building. I guess I just need some more motivation to get it done and running.
  • From now on I won’t be in-world mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays as I now get home at 6:30 and I need a nap since I start classes at 9, meaning I have to be up around 7:20. Although I will try to get on during the day for about an hour, depending on if anyone is on and if I thought about bringing my charger to school.

a wonderful video of some of the hatred still alive in America: WARNING HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and COLORFUL LANGUAGE

Click the title to see the vid

I know that is in no way shows all of McCain’s supporters, just the ones that spew hatred:

This is the kinda stuff that makes me want to leave the US.

I like design in all forms, lighting, theatre, fashion, architecture, and so on. I also am a big proponent of wiki based things. So when I heard, several months ago, about Studio Wikitecture placing in the top 3 designs and winning another side award for something I can’t quite remember, I thought that was really cool, because it really shows how people can collaborate in SL(tm) on really cool RL projects.

This got me thinking about the different types of architecture that have appeared in SL(tm). There are the basic RL houses that have made their way into SL. Lots of cottages, track-homes, lofts, and McMansions. But how many of them are innovative? How do they differ from RL houses in terms of design? Part of me says there isn’t a lot of innovation going on. I mean what can you do with a basic house design apart from the dominate house designs?

I guess you can do a lot of things. Since gravity really doesn’t exist, what about an upside down zygrat house, that would kinda cool. What about an abstract modern house that pushes the boundaries of what is beautiful, like this.

Architecture in SL(tm) is not just limited to houses. A large part of the innovative architectural design is evident in sim builds. Unique structures are always going up, some designs that are possible to build in rl and then there are ones that have to stay in SL(tm). One of those not possible in RL would be the Chou Chou sim. The, what seems like, infinite ladder that curves around above ground and into the heavens just floors me every single time I go there. Sometimes it is nice to see things, though, that are possible in the real world, but are impractical. I do enjoy going through complex castles, cyberpunk styled buildings, and other styles that would be either too big, expensive, etc. to actually build in RL.

But I guess I just looking at unique structures and analzing them.

Have you seen any really cool structures in your time in SL(tm)?

I think I have a body image problem. While I hate to admit it, but I do. While certain people know the exact details of why this is is an issue I think part of the reason is due to my lovely av.

While this might be more written about in the female sence I feel as if this hasn’t been covered as extensivly about males.

Let’s face it, we can control the minute details, in SL, of our bodies, right down to the size of our bits and pieces.

But in RL we can’t do much. And it is driving me nuts. Balt is, for the most part, the idealized RL me. He is tan, buff, has a normal hair color, and is a good dresser. I’m not buff at all, and while I’m not really overweight, I’m enough to make me feel unhappy. Then there is the structured parts, which can be changed, but only with expensive surgery. I get that SL(tm) is a fanasty world and we all aren’t models in rl. But what if you are tired of it being a fantasy and want it to be real. Then this brings up more issues.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that as males we suffer from unrealistic ideas about what are bodies too. I feel like we are over looked when it comes to things and when people are talking about how men and women view and judge their bodies differently, especially when it comes say a “Hottest Male AV” comp, I get frustrated because sometimes we all get social pressure to conform to a body type that only a small segment of society has. Sure men, from my experience older not younger, aren’t as judged in the blatant way females are. But yet I get these messages glaring in my face that I have to have a certain amount of muscle, and all I feel is ignored.