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  • New lamps at Lofty Lighting! Yay! I designed a new one and that one is up at the store. I really enjoyed designing that one and it looks really good. If you want to check out the new lights go to the store because OnRez is not working right and isn’t showing the new stuff. I have submitted a ticket with the support people to see if they could clear this up!
  • DJ’ing Saturday, which is the new time for me. 8-10 pm at the Major Lift.”
  • I have a batch of photos, Photoshopped and non-photoshopped, on the desktop that will be uploaded sometime this week, may be later tonight or tomorrow night.
  • Top 10 coming soon. I know I’m not a good blogger, but Top 10’s require photos that I can’t upload from the school’s machine. So chances are it won’t be a Tuesday or Thursday post. :/ I think it is going to be about what gifts to get people for the Holidays. Original I know.
  • Need to find a way to get my blog more exposer. I want to see if I can get my way on to more blogs such as Botgirl’s Second Life Diary and Vint’s blog. Hmmm. Perhaps I need to put up their blogs first before they will add me. Hmm

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