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  • Not djing this week at the Lift. My week off.
  • Going to stop building my club. I lost interest in it. It was a chance for me to flex my building muscles, I wish building would work my rl muscles in order to impress a certain someone ;). If you want to see it before I take it down, please IM the next time I’m on.
  • Note to my friends that read my blog. I won’t be on much the rest of the month as I need to finish my application, which includes two essays and I have two more really long essays that need to be written for class.
  • New lamps in the works! Wee!
    That is all.


One Comment

  1. Hey! I saw you in as Adia today, and I had to write a classified for the islands and try to make the couples intan go, and you left before I could IM you! I had a sadness. Dude. We have to do the PC thing with you and me and Adia and Edd. Srsly. Soon! Also, I forgot about your every-other-Sunday thing. Another sadness! Best wishes on your essays and apps, I hope you are applying to SCU! lol

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