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Oh the insanity. With the recent decision to hike up prices $50 US, on OpenSim/Openspace, madness has broken out across the Grid and it is driving me crazy. [insert Britney Spears music video]

So people are really mad. Frankly, I have no idea why they should be mad about the price hike. You use so much data on a server, you pay for that use of data. Originally the light sims where to be used as wide open spaces that were used for say an area to fly planes and act out dogfights, not for heavy residential use. Now, some people still use the sims lightly, with some scenery and perhaps the vehicles used for the races or what not. But the fact is people are abusing the light policy. I believe that LL(tm) should have made specific guidelines about the use of the sims, which might have prevented at least some confusion on what could and couldn’t done on the sims.

Now the issue comes down to enforcement. If LL(tm) had put forth specific guidelines, how would they enforce it? Now I don’t know how many Opensims exist, but I have a feeling they are popular, that would mean that a Linden would have visit each sim to make sure the guidelines, which takes time. So this might mean that a few new Lindens would have to be hired to make sure guidelines are being followed.

This also brings up another issue. The guidelines wouldn’t be popular. It is easy to see people protesting the guidelines because it goes against LL(tm) non-involvement in what content people can produce.

So essentially the price hike was the only solution to try and fix the problem of having people abuse the conditions that the Opensim was supposed to have. Also, if people are going use the sims more then it just makes sense to charge more to balance out the server usage. Now what about the people who are using the sims in an appropriate manner? As unfair as it is, prices must be across the board because once you start granting exceptions more and more people will feel entitled to get their fee cut because they use x amount of prims or they don’t have any structures that aren’t houses or apartments.

While I can’t afford to buy and Openspace and have no reason to, I believe the price jump is not a steep one. $50 is not a lot of money. I know that people’s RL budgets are more squeezed because of the global economy, but if SL(tm) is important to you, you will make the sacrifice in order have your own sim. Plus aren’t most successful land baron’s rich? Yes this might get kick some smaller owners off, but I feel like even the land barons are complaining, when it might just increase their tier a $100 more.

Anyway I have to run,


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