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So today I want to talk about machinima and Second Life(tm) because I found this great short that shows what SL(tm) is capable of.

So click here to see it. While I’m not a fan of crude humor, it was funny. I thought the technical aspect outweighed the writing. The character design was really good. The main characters looked really good and not like what I have seen. The textures were above-par and I really liked the glassy-ness of the eyes.

Now, there are a few others that I like, more with their story rather than their technical grasp. I can’t talk about machinima without talking about Lainy Voom/tracechops. My favorite SL machinima is her “Tale from Midnight City.”

There is something powerful in the way it is shot. The colors are all dark, the creature is beautifully designed, and the audio is done perfectly. Although the limitations of SL’s(tm) clothing rendering and animations kinda hold the short back. This is a classic piece though, despite the flaws. Her other machinima with The Sims 2 are amazing and worth taking a look at.

There are tons of SL(tm) machinima out there to take a look at and you should check just some of them out because it is worth looking.



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