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So I got a plot on Plasma!!! So I decided on building a club called Mercury. Since I dj for fun at two clubs I thought it would be fun having my own club to play at, at least for a few times.

So the design concept is fairly simple, pulling from 3 sources of retro-futurism.

  • My first source is the Jetsons.

I’m really focusing in on the cylinders and rings that seem to dominate the designs on the Jetson’s buildings. Yes it is a bit cartoony but I think it works for the theme.


  • The second source of inspiration came from Disney’s Magic Highway stills

I love the minimalism of the design. Also the cell shading is fantastic and I want to incorporate that in some how, although I’m a bit lost on what to do for that.


  • Lastly the third source of inspiration came from the TV show Futurama, a cartoon, not for kids though, about Fry who freezes himself until the year 3000 and his adventures with his friends and co-workers.

I can’t seem to find the screen cap in question, but the group goes to a “retro” club where rings are retro. I think it was sort of mocking the Jetson’s because it is sort of a retro look today, and what the people in 3000 would consider retro if the rings were popular in the 2900’s. I guess that is why I’m using rings and curves in my designs instead of a more angular look.

As for the colors Im using so far, are red, white, and silver. I might add another color to bring it out of candy-cane land, but I don’t know which one to use.

While I only have the structure done, I will be adding decorations in a few days, all custom to the space. I think that I will be using reflexive architecture for the decor and then I’m doing a giant custom lamp that I think will look good in the space. Although I’m going to have to buy the furniture because I don’t have the skills to build curvy furniture. I will post some pictures when I get the chance, so until then.




  1. No wonder we haven’t seen you around! Yay! I mean, sad for us, yay for you! I think the architectural term you are looking for is “Googie,” and here y’go: Are you DJing at ML on Sat and Sun?


    • balthasarbookmite
    • Posted October 16, 2008 at 12:02 pm
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    I love that term! Googie! Yay! Yes, I’m DJing on Sun, 4-6. Shouldn’t Adela be Djing on Sat?


  2. yes, she should … but … we still don’t know yet ;-/

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