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So I have a new house! Yay! It is on HBlue, so I’m thrilled. Now comes the hard part, trying to furnish the whole thing. In my previous house I just had the front room furnished along with some lights hanging around. Now I feel like I need to have more than a living space furnished. But I have no clue what to put in it. I feel I’m fairly practical, so why do I need a bedroom, dining room, or a study, when I have a seating area already? Frankly I don’t have a lot of prims to work with, which reminds me I have to get PT to remove that tree that is on the outer edge of the island. Hmm what could I do? I do want to put some more lighting and some more artwork, which I might just have to build myself, although I do like the concept about supporting in-world artists. Hmm any ideas readers?


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  1. Balt, I think you’re going to need seating, and lots of it. And if Adia ever hosts tub talk, a hot tub. LOL! I can’t wait to see how it turns out ….

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