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Okay, so I was browsing NWN, I came upon this post Help Design The City Of Yesterday’s Future Today.

It is all about creating the Vision of the 21st Century from a 20th Century viewpoint. Doesn’t it sound cool!? I’m thinking that this would be a good exercise in building and design. Ooo maybe I can get the HBlue team on board and do a group build, that would be killer.

While I would like to do something all cute and bubbly, I kinda want to do something for “The Wrong Side of the Tracks.” hehehe lol although doing something for Plasma too.

When I first looked at the page, I quickly thought of bubble ray guns for sale. Wouldn’t that be cool?! I’m a dork. lol Anyway I would make some cute ones and then some sick looking ones, but the only problem is how to script them because I have no scripting experience. 😦

Anyway here is the link to the official site:
Rezzable Plasma City



  1. Team up with someone? I’m sure some of the Rezzable Creators Group will be willing to work with you on this!

    • balthasarbookmite
    • Posted October 2, 2008 at 11:45 am
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    OOOO that would be cool. I kinda think it would be fun working with someone that could help with the scripts. Although now I’m thinking about building a sleek 50’s, retro-futurism inspired nightclub where I can host events while the sim is still up. Maybe I should sketch a few more ideas before I commit to doing anything.

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