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Monthly Archives: October 2008

  • I have decided to dj on Sunday for those who can’t make Friday’s Halloween Party. Music will be the same, just in different order. Costumes preferred. Major Lift
  • Still no update on Mercury. Need to get minutes from meeting. Will try to get back there and do some work.
  • For the Americans in the audience, yes I have at least one reader, please go and vote! Yes I know it has nothing to do with SL(tm), but still.
  • Saw one of my old good SL(tm) friends last night. Was really happy.
  • Got to get sunglasses for Adia for a quick photo. Perhaps find the right pose aswell. Awesome stuff at Cachet, all females need to check it out ad you will find some must haves. lol

Taken at Coral Springs. No editing.

So I don’t really have one topic to talk about in depth today, so I will be just posting about somethings that are going on.


  • I’m a regular dj at Major Lift, at HAzul, now. I play every other Sunday, so this coming Sunday will be Halloween part 2, 4-6 pm slt.
  • I want to do a Christmas/ Winter/Summer Holidays shopping post in the coming weeks. That should be fun as I get to go shopping. lol Look for that shortly after Thanksgiving, roughly Nov 27. I will do about five categories, like Best Gift under 500L$ and so on.
  • Mercury is coming along slowly. I feel as if I lost interest in building it and running it. I enjoy the building. I guess I just need some more motivation to get it done and running.
  • From now on I won’t be in-world mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays as I now get home at 6:30 and I need a nap since I start classes at 9, meaning I have to be up around 7:20. Although I will try to get on during the day for about an hour, depending on if anyone is on and if I thought about bringing my charger to school.

So today I want to talk about machinima and Second Life(tm) because I found this great short that shows what SL(tm) is capable of.

So click here to see it. While I’m not a fan of crude humor, it was funny. I thought the technical aspect outweighed the writing. The character design was really good. The main characters looked really good and not like what I have seen. The textures were above-par and I really liked the glassy-ness of the eyes.

Now, there are a few others that I like, more with their story rather than their technical grasp. I can’t talk about machinima without talking about Lainy Voom/tracechops. My favorite SL machinima is her “Tale from Midnight City.”

There is something powerful in the way it is shot. The colors are all dark, the creature is beautifully designed, and the audio is done perfectly. Although the limitations of SL’s(tm) clothing rendering and animations kinda hold the short back. This is a classic piece though, despite the flaws. Her other machinima with The Sims 2 are amazing and worth taking a look at.

There are tons of SL(tm) machinima out there to take a look at and you should check just some of them out because it is worth looking.


So I got a plot on Plasma!!! So I decided on building a club called Mercury. Since I dj for fun at two clubs I thought it would be fun having my own club to play at, at least for a few times.

So the design concept is fairly simple, pulling from 3 sources of retro-futurism.

  • My first source is the Jetsons.

I’m really focusing in on the cylinders and rings that seem to dominate the designs on the Jetson’s buildings. Yes it is a bit cartoony but I think it works for the theme.


  • The second source of inspiration came from Disney’s Magic Highway stills

I love the minimalism of the design. Also the cell shading is fantastic and I want to incorporate that in some how, although I’m a bit lost on what to do for that.


  • Lastly the third source of inspiration came from the TV show Futurama, a cartoon, not for kids though, about Fry who freezes himself until the year 3000 and his adventures with his friends and co-workers.

I can’t seem to find the screen cap in question, but the group goes to a “retro” club where rings are retro. I think it was sort of mocking the Jetson’s because it is sort of a retro look today, and what the people in 3000 would consider retro if the rings were popular in the 2900’s. I guess that is why I’m using rings and curves in my designs instead of a more angular look.

As for the colors Im using so far, are red, white, and silver. I might add another color to bring it out of candy-cane land, but I don’t know which one to use.

While I only have the structure done, I will be adding decorations in a few days, all custom to the space. I think that I will be using reflexive architecture for the decor and then I’m doing a giant custom lamp that I think will look good in the space. Although I’m going to have to buy the furniture because I don’t have the skills to build curvy furniture. I will post some pictures when I get the chance, so until then.


a wonderful video of some of the hatred still alive in America: WARNING HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and COLORFUL LANGUAGE

Click the title to see the vid

I know that is in no way shows all of McCain’s supporters, just the ones that spew hatred:

This is the kinda stuff that makes me want to leave the US.

So I have a new house! Yay! It is on HBlue, so I’m thrilled. Now comes the hard part, trying to furnish the whole thing. In my previous house I just had the front room furnished along with some lights hanging around. Now I feel like I need to have more than a living space furnished. But I have no clue what to put in it. I feel I’m fairly practical, so why do I need a bedroom, dining room, or a study, when I have a seating area already? Frankly I don’t have a lot of prims to work with, which reminds me I have to get PT to remove that tree that is on the outer edge of the island. Hmm what could I do? I do want to put some more lighting and some more artwork, which I might just have to build myself, although I do like the concept about supporting in-world artists. Hmm any ideas readers?

I like design in all forms, lighting, theatre, fashion, architecture, and so on. I also am a big proponent of wiki based things. So when I heard, several months ago, about Studio Wikitecture placing in the top 3 designs and winning another side award for something I can’t quite remember, I thought that was really cool, because it really shows how people can collaborate in SL(tm) on really cool RL projects.

This got me thinking about the different types of architecture that have appeared in SL(tm). There are the basic RL houses that have made their way into SL. Lots of cottages, track-homes, lofts, and McMansions. But how many of them are innovative? How do they differ from RL houses in terms of design? Part of me says there isn’t a lot of innovation going on. I mean what can you do with a basic house design apart from the dominate house designs?

I guess you can do a lot of things. Since gravity really doesn’t exist, what about an upside down zygrat house, that would kinda cool. What about an abstract modern house that pushes the boundaries of what is beautiful, like this.

Architecture in SL(tm) is not just limited to houses. A large part of the innovative architectural design is evident in sim builds. Unique structures are always going up, some designs that are possible to build in rl and then there are ones that have to stay in SL(tm). One of those not possible in RL would be the Chou Chou sim. The, what seems like, infinite ladder that curves around above ground and into the heavens just floors me every single time I go there. Sometimes it is nice to see things, though, that are possible in the real world, but are impractical. I do enjoy going through complex castles, cyberpunk styled buildings, and other styles that would be either too big, expensive, etc. to actually build in RL.

But I guess I just looking at unique structures and analzing them.

Have you seen any really cool structures in your time in SL(tm)?

Okay, so I was browsing NWN, I came upon this post Help Design The City Of Yesterday’s Future Today.

It is all about creating the Vision of the 21st Century from a 20th Century viewpoint. Doesn’t it sound cool!? I’m thinking that this would be a good exercise in building and design. Ooo maybe I can get the HBlue team on board and do a group build, that would be killer.

While I would like to do something all cute and bubbly, I kinda want to do something for “The Wrong Side of the Tracks.” hehehe lol although doing something for Plasma too.

When I first looked at the page, I quickly thought of bubble ray guns for sale. Wouldn’t that be cool?! I’m a dork. lol Anyway I would make some cute ones and then some sick looking ones, but the only problem is how to script them because I have no scripting experience. 😦

Anyway here is the link to the official site:
Rezzable Plasma City