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Okay sorry for the wait. Here are some of the do’s.



1. Make wide walkways. This only applies to prim walkways. When I’m laggy, I look like I walking under the influence because I can’t walk straight. When I’m on a narrow pathway, chances are I’m going to fall off. Now if I can just walk right back on without any trouble  it is fine, but if it is too high to walk back on, well that is a problem. While I could jump, it is annoying to have to turn off my chat bar and then turn it back on. So normally I fly, especially if it is a high ledge that I fall off of. Normally I overshoot the walkway and I end up halfway across the sim. Now, if the theme dictates that walkways should be small, either make a railing or put up invisible railing. 


2. Go light on the particle effects. Nothing bugs me more than being in a choking cloud of floating grey things. Also it adds lag if you have ten million of them floating around the sim. Now I know that they do add that environmental effect to the sim, but they should be used as sparingly as possible. Also when I’m trying to take pictures sometimes the transparent textures don’t blend and cause a visable line and then the picture is ruined. Also nothing frustrates me more when the fog is in bursts and when you get the right amount of fog in the picture, the fog rezs more particles and the perfect amount of particles turns into more than you wanted. 


3. Light it right. Dark sims are hard to find your way in. I know that is sort of the point, but I get lost and it drives me up walls. If the theme is supposed to be dark and depressing, try working with colors that are in the pallet of the sim. Blues, purples, reds, and greens work well in creating a creepy atmosphere, but still light the way through the sim. Often non-traditional colors both give off light and keep the atmosphere dark and creepy. A good example of this would be the Hangars Liquides, where it is oppressively dark, but there is a lightness to it to. While the light here is used as a contrast, it almost amplifies the darkness while providing enough light to actually function.

4. Stick to your vision. While my comments are, maybe, worth a look improve your design, you don’t have to follow them if they massively change the design of the sim. While getting outside advice and collaboration, if done right, are good things, but they shouldn’t completely change the look and feel of what you are going for. But above all RESPECT and LISTEN to the opinions of the other people, if you saw Project Runway last night you will know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the pics from my adventure to the temple place everyone has been going to will be up during the weekend.

Until then,



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