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I love art history. It is going to be my minor along with Anthro as my major. 


When I was young I remember seeing a program on PBS  that was the living art, where RL people are “painted” to look like the painting. And then I saw it again on Gilmore Girls, which I never watched regularly, and I thought that was really cool. 


Now if they could do it RL, can’t we do that in Second Life(tm). Look at the Van Gogh museum, where you can immerse yourself into his paintings like the billiard hall and the cafe one. And then there is Robbie Dingo’s build of “Starry Night,” which was stunning, but not for public interaction, except for the movie.


Wouldn’t be cool to see some of the classics in 3D or at least a 3D version. We have the content creators to do it. Eshi, Dingo, and the other big names that I can’t think of right now. And each designer would take one piece or maybe collaborate on it to produce these works of art in SL(tm), while having avatars become the people in the painting or objet d’art.  Honestly that would be kind of neat.


The only issue I foresee in this concept would be translating the brushstrokes into the clothes and backgrounds. While I don’t doubt the abilities of the creators, the lines are what really dictate the shape of the form and if the lines aren’t right, the form changes. While I know it is hard to get the exact textures of the paintings, if they aren’t done right it can change the painting too. 

Then we have another issue, lag. Personally if there is high levels of lag, I leave and don’t normally return, SL5B, Burning Life 07, NPINRL exhibit on Rezzable, the various fashion fairs, etc/ If the backgrounds and props were 3D and depending on the style of the painting or objet d’art, it might need a lot of prims to build with. While some scripts would be used, for the most part, from what I understand, they would be fairly low lag. And then it comes down to how many people are on the sim and how much avatar rendering cost is being used. I would imagine, at least for the “art pieces” would have higher rendering cost because of the high resolution textures they would be wearing and then there would be the attachments. And then you have the audience. Hair is typically laggy since it does take a chunk of prims to make, and then there are those females that must wear some jewelry that is even more prims than their hair. After all that, you have the actual outfit. So there would need to be a way of enforcing the rendering costs, as to benefit the rest of the people on the sim.

This would also have to be on a big wide open sim, such as the Rezzable Sims, which are popular to host the variety of fashion fairs.

I think it would be fun to do in Second Life(tm). Hmm maybe I should do it over winter break. Hmm.




  1. DO IT!


  2. or maybe better to look at what is possible in SL and develop native art inworld. Translating rl ideas to sl is always compromised. Push thinking to next level. Everyone gets the wouldn’t it be cool to be a painting idea. What is really unique and only possible in virtual world?

  3. or … you know … you could also just kind of do it …

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