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I have a real life crush/infatuation or I am in love with a diver. Those who know, know who I’m talking about.


I want to meet this person.


If this person came into Second Life(tm) would they choose to make an av like their rl likeness, because this person is famous, at least in Australia . How would they? I know there are a few places out there that make realistic avatars for people wishing to basically digitize themselves, like the editor-in-chief of the AvaStar. All you have to do is upload some pictures of yourself and *poof* there you are. This then brings up a whole set of questions.


If all you need is a picture of the person from certain angles, could this lead to having your favorite star imported into Second Life(tm). This could lead to all sorts of things. Have slex with the star. Live as your favorite star. Dress your favorite star. 


If you ask me it is kinda creepy. I mean the stars already have that annoying fan that has been issued a restraining order multiple times. Do the stars really want a legion of themselves on Second Life(tm) performing things that they would never do? And could you say that the creators are somehow violating the rights of the star by putting them in a way up for sale? 


Maybe styling an av that would suggest a star, like using a skin that sort of looks like J.Lo but the image doesn’t actually use J.Lo’s picture to create the skin, would be okay, or would it not? There are a lot of things that are close to and suggest the real thing, like the purses that you see on the sidewalks of major cities, they may not be the exact pattern as the LV logo purses, but they certainly look like the real thing from a distance, and technically aren’t copying the original logo so they aren’t fake LV bags. 


Realistic star avatars is an interesting concept since Second Life(tm) is, at least to some degree, about living in a fantasy world, where you can actively create your reality or experience other people’s reality. I think this is the first time I have really thought about ethics in a digital realm because I’m so used to thinking about the ethics in anthropology, medicine, politics, etc. I’m sure there is much to think about. Even the concept of Second Life(tm) can have some ethical issues  if you ask the right questions. Hmm life is certainly interesting, especially when you have two lives, three if you want to get technical. 



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