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1. Overplant. By overplanting the sim looks like a jumble of weeds overgrown and trying to tie you into knots. If the sim is suppose to look like that keep it out of pathways and make it clear to the visitor that it is a walkway.

2.Don’t use a lot of high res images, especially on small set dressings. It is bad enough waiting for the prims to load and then you have to wait for about another few minutes for the textures to appear and then load up. Use smaller sized images when not needing as much detail, such as candles. If you need to use bigger textures to get all the details in on larger objects fine, but try to use them not as often.

3. Don’t create a maze. Create visible walkways so that way one knows which way is out. Also try to connect all the pathways so that way people can return to an intersection and then go another way.I know getting lost can be a good thing but frankly it can get frustrating when you can’t find your way back.

Anyway I’m tired and I want to sleep pt.2 will be up soon and some new pictures will follow


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