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There are many inspiring places in SL(tm). The Chouchou sim is the most inspiring place for me. The mystical quality radiates from every prim is otherworldly. When ever I go I’m always taking pictures like crazy and wishing my computer could have full Windlight, not just the basic version. Then there is the music. The piano feels me with overwhelming emotion ranging from love to loneliness to solitude. I guess I like places that have the feeling of solitude and are a break from the “neon” of a lot of places on Second Life(tm), that and I’m pretty active/intense person with high emotion running close to 24/7, so I guess it is nice to have that break with Chouchou. Even if it was the only place that I could have real Windlight I would do it in a heart beat. This reminds me that I have to take a picture of Owly at the piano. I don’t know there is something magical about that place. I love the turned over cage with the feathers strewn across the water. There is something hopeful about that piece. I guess it could be a symbol that we break free of our cages and rise to be something that we are proud of. Then there is the ladders leading up to the performance space. Again there is something deep and meaning full about them, like they are helping you get up higher to the places that you never thought you ever would. W


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  1. Hoot you. 😉 I’ve only seen the birdcage, but I would love to go back there with you and get shot.

    That didn’t come out right …

    Let’s do this next time we’re both on at the same time! Yay!

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