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Hi my name is Balthasar Bookmite and I’m an avatar in Second Life(tm). I was supposed to be an alternate account, but that changed when I preferred playing, well, myself. I will post my random musings on both the real world and Second Life(tm) and possibly share some of my photos that I have taken along the way. Over the year I have been a resident in Second Life(tm) and I’m still addicted, but not that addicted. Anyway this is always the most awkward post because you don’t really know what to talk about and you don’t want to sound really into your self. Hmm, well I guess you have to be somewhat into yourself to be posting your life on the internet for all to read, but I guess we all that way to a degree. O also I design lamps for Second Life(tm) houses which  is fun because it allows me to be creative. Im also a DJ for a small club which I enjoy going to in Second Life(tm).  (This trademarking thing is getting annoying). Anyway, thats all I have to say at least right now, that, and I have to go to class.


Bye for now



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